We have a very special podcast for you this afternoon, made by one of Amsterdam’s most promising young lads. Alexander Valentyn is a DJ/Producer whose name is beginning to resonate through Amsterdam’s clubbing scene more and more. After working intensively on his own sound, Valentyn took another road in electronic music. With a more mature style and a personally renewed touch in house music, he has created a deep and nostalgic sound which flows through all his sets. With two new EP’s on the way and an enthusiastic feeling about playing parties he’s looking forward to show the crowd what he’s all about.

His Wereld Vreemd Podcast for Deep House Amsterdam is one and a half hour of sheer house bliss. It’s a bit more slow-pitched than we’re used to by Alexander, prospecting the deeper side of his beloved genre. This makes the mix perfect for listening at home or at work. But of course a little dance is the best way to enjoy the fine tunes that he has delighted us with. Enjoy!

Check out Alexander’s skills live at Wereldvreemd. Wereldvreemd is a collaboration by Jongens v/d Wereld and Klamme Handjes, two Amsterdam organisations that know how to throw a party. Valentyn will be standing next to the likes of Audiojack, Hector Couto Bodhi, Prunk, Elias Mazian and  many more. Hector Couto and Alexander already have a connection, since Ozzi’s remix to his track ’95’ was feautured in Couto’s November top 10 for Resident Advisor. On November 29th you can see all of these fine artists together at H7 Warehouse, the perfect spot for a sound like this.


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November 29th | WERELDVREEMD | Tickets | H7 Warehouse