Weval, the Dutch duo consisting of Harm Coolen and Merijn Scholte Albers, have been putting out a steady stream of releases since their 2013 debut EP “Half Age”.

Since then, the boys have been snapped up by the famed German imprint Kompakt, who brought their next two EPs tot he world, and universal acclaim. Now, the natural next step in the young Weval story is almost ready for launch, in the form of a debut LP.

Also released by Kompakt, the self-titled album reportedly continues the dark-tinted electronic pop sound Weval have become synonymous with, with Kompakt themselves describing it as the duo’s “most powerful and organic material yet.”

Check out the debut single below and if you’re in Amsterdam this weekend, make sure to catch Weval as part of the massive DGTL Festival.

“Weval” is available 10 June on Kompakt


01/A1. Intro
02/A2. The Battle
03/A3. I Don’t Need It
04/B1. Square People
05/B2. Madness
06/B3. Ways To Go
07/C1. You’re Mine
08/C2. Days
09/C3. Just In Case
10/D1. You Made It (Part I)
11/D2. You Made It (Part II)
12/D3. Years To Build

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