June 26 saw the Strange Sounds From Beyond emitted via three stages in Amsterdam’s Noordlicht.

The likes of Young Marco, Gilles Peterson, Omar Souleyman, Antal, Ata Kak, and more brought intelligent dance music of all descriptions on a day the dance music establishment (Awakenings) otherwise would have monopolized. Instead, some 3,000 (or so) of the city’s most eclectic party animals danced the day away to the sounds of Syria, Africa, Greece, USA, and way more in a veritable orgy of world sounds.

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The analog feel of the festival was definitely not lost on me, or others, as the following video series shows. Armed with a 90s era camcorder, the Strange Sounds From Beyond story unfolds in all its glory via the 8 part video series below:

Whenever the Strange Sounds From Beyond appear, so does San Proper….that’s just a given.

…but so does the cool…

Unfortunately, sometimes not everyone has yet to feel the Strange Sounds but, when that happens, Ata Kak shows up with smiles and vibes a plenty.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, even legends still prepare…

…while Omar Souleyman turns the main stage into the world’s biggest Syrian wedding…

“Yeah” is the official language of the Strange Sounds.

…and dance is the official mating ritual

Can YOU feel it yet?

All Videos Shot by Amsterdam based director Anna Bogomolova