Partly owned by Slovenian Techno veteran UMEK, Viberate analyses Facebook, Twitter, and Songkick, ranking artists, labels, and venues across four distinct categories.

Those categories – LOVE, MUSIC, PARTY, RESPECT – are meant to provide hard quantified data analysis from billions of data points across the web to effectively rank electronic music figures by genre, territory and a range of other sub categories.

Breaking down the specifics of each category:

  • LOVE: Quantifies social media engagement.
  • MUSIC: Measures the performance of music content across streaming channels and music stores for artists and record labels.
  • PARTY: Analyses the influence of events on artists and music venues.
  • RESPECT: Ranks how labels, artists and venues can influence each other.

Now in free beta, and with only access to Artist rankings, Viberate will soon expand and upgrade to (the choice of) a paid platform, while looking to expand to all musical genres.