Legendary Berlin nightclub Salon Zur Wilden Renate is coming back for another Dutch showdown: Wild Und Frei Festival. After the sold-out Wilde Renate event during Magneet Festival last year, the Salon has been planning its return to Amsterdam in alliance with local creative organizations from around the city on the first weekend of August. The festival will take place in the ‘Diemerbos’ forest, an untouched location on the outskirts of the city. For two days, the forest will be transformed into a extraordinary place where experience, atmosphere and music will be combined, creating a magical playground that will be hard to forget.

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Salon Zur Wilden Renate is one of the better known Berlin clubs, famous for the labyrinth-like layout of the venue. Behind each door is another small room where you can retreat yourself with friends or your loved one. Even more renowned is the playground where you can easily lose yourself (literally and figuratively speaking). Wilde Renate is loved for its relaxed and care-free atmosphere of both the club and its guests together with the incredible amount of attention given to the ornamentation. When the club goes abroad for a showcase they bring all these elements with them wherever they go. During Wild Und Frei this will be no different.

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During the festival four stages will be hosted by different parties like Plak, Kris Kross, Kopjek, The Fresh Kids and Thuis Bij De Familie. Every stage will have carry its own specific sound. In between the stages you’ll be surprised by frivolous details, crazy activities and playful decoration throughout the festival terrain. Of course the music is a big part of the experience, but the collective finds the total experience in itself more important than just some big headliner behind the decks; setting themselves apart from most other festivals.

The initiator of the festival is the same organization behind I amtechno, RVLVR and Osi Darap. After making their mark on the Amsterdam club scene, the adventure now continues into Wild Und Frei. The line up will support Berlin residents from Wilde Renate as well as Amsterdam talent. The artists will be announced soon, so stay tuned..

Ticket sales will start tomorrow on the 28th of May at 09:00.

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