Over the past handful of years, the concept of DJing has changed dramatically. Unlike the two-turntable-and-a-mixer approach of yesteryear, mixing is now composed out of a much more complex syntax of structures, layers, stems and patches. 

With this in mind, minimal icon Magda and prominent technology pioneer NYMA have collaborated on a brand new, handmade, and customised DJ controller, which they call VERSUS. Developed in congruence with Faderfox and Glanzmann DDS (who hand make each unit in Switzerland, to order), VERSUS aims to “further bridging the gap between live and DJ performances, at maximising creative possibilities and at making the process as smooth and practical as possible”.

Versus_Main_Image_PortraitFeatures Include
– Easy integration of external equipment any outboard gear that receives midi can be controlled
– No USB hub needed both units are powered through one USB cable simultaneously
– 2 bus design​USB and midi ports have their own separate bus routing
– Master section with LED d​isplay master clock, deck assignment, tree and favourites list
– Fader FX section 8 ALPS 60mm faders and 8 push buttons in 4 groups, 32 different commands in total
– Potentiometer FX section 4​knobs and 4 push buttons in 4 groups, 16 different commands in total
– FX assignments​easily accessible push buttons with LEDs
– Ergonomic layout «V» section b​rowse, load and play without looking at your computer
– Loop section​w​ith LED display a​djust loop size, intuitive looping, loop mode
– 8 hotcue buttons d​irect access to your most important cue points and loops
– 4 pitch/bend buttons allows you to manually pitch or nudge the current bpm time
– 3 push buttons q​uick access to beatjump (bwd), playback, loop active
– 2 shift buttons u​se one hand for all double-functions
– LED bar s​hows the current position of the playing song
– Compact d​esign based on experience from years of being on the road and built with endurance in mind

NYMA and Magda gave the following press statement about the intricate gadget:

“Our goal was to design a piece of gear which allows us to connect the studio and live environments; something with the versatility to adopt easily to modern standards. Through our daily work as DJs and engineers, we see endless creative possibilities to integrate into our performances.

We faced a real challenge, between simply playing music and embracing technology. We wanted to balance and merge these two worlds without losing any of the fun in our performances. The main focus from the beginning was to build a high-quality controller with a practical layout and a clear design that has enough functionalities to go deeper if needed. An instrument you appreciate playing rather than a quick, exchangeable solution.

What you see is the result of passionate people collaborating with the aim of getting the best out of their performances and believing in creative expression”.

VERSUS will retail for €1500 and is made to order via Faderfox and Glandzmann DDS.