For spinning records on zero Gravity might soon become not only a dream of a Star Trek fan. This Slovenian Kickstarter is about to reach 500 thousand dollars for their First Magnetic Levitating Record Player project.

MAG-LEV is a turntable whose platter magnetically floats in the air during playback. Just one month ago a Slovenian developer started their campaign to fund $300.000 for developing this idea and the goal was quickly reached.  ‘We believe that how you listen to music is sometimes just as important as what you listen to.’ Well we do too, and, to be honest, if not beautifully designed these turntables are really inducing the imagination.

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Besides their patented technology, which allows the magnetic levitation, MAG-LEV Audio turntable is very simple. It comes with a preset tonearm and cartridge and allows you to connect to speakers through phono in. The turntable also has platter feet which allow the platter to rest while the turntable is switched off. The turntable includes a 45 rpm adapter, and can easily be switched between 33 rpm and 45 rpm.

See a demonstration on how it is used:

Quite surprisingly, this beauty does not come with a bitter price. The donation to get one turntable begins with $780(±730 eur), while it will retail from $1,390 (1,290 eur). While, yes, now you can buy a turntable in a consumer store for less than a hundred euros. However, in comparison with the price of let’s say the reissued classic of Panasonic Technics SL-1200 (£2,799) you might well consider to get that record floating. In the end, this is the ‘world’s first levitating turntable’, according to the developers.

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