Continuing Yahoo’s shift away from the world of original TV programming, the tech giant announced the cancellation of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor for DJs” show, which was scheduled to air its first episode in early 2016.

With much fanfair, Cowell had announced “Ultimate DJ“, where a handful of up-and-coming jocks would test their “skills” in competing for a Sony Music contract, at Yahoo’s 2015 NewFront event in New York City. Just last week, though, yahoo had assured the safety of “Ultimate DJ”, however post-Halloween came news of the decision.

It also marks a stark contrast to Yahoo’s original programming strategy, which involved everything from documentary to scripted series. Now, with a reported $40+ million loss on its comedy programming (including Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’), Yahoo has only renewned its relationships with such non-fiction material as Live Nation, streaming concert footage, and short form news and documentary programming.

A representative from Cowell’s Syco Entertainment has not yet commented.

Source: Variety