This one goes out to all the twerkers out there. Your shaking butt can now be turned into a musical instrument with the latest unprecedented advancement in musical technology, The Booty Drum.

Designed as a collaboration between headphone company AIAIAI, Buraka Som Sistema‘s Branko, professional ass shaker Twerk Queen Louise, and Dutch design company Owow, the mission of The Booty Drum project (or Real Booty Music) is to explore, “whether it’s possible to change the perception of twerking through placing it in a technology-driven, creative context.”

Owow describes the project in depth as,

“The Booty Drum is a device that records movement through accelerometers attached to the dancer’s booty. These movements translate into a lot of unique velocities and directions of movement. The movements, which are being mapped into unique MIDI values through Arduino hardware and processing software, can in this way be used to trigger samples and create sounds in Ableton. As every single movement sends out a unique set of values, the dancer is able to play around with sounds.”

In other words, The Booty Drum turns your butt into a drum machine where every move translates into a particular sound via accelerometers attached to the rear. If you have any doubts you can listen to the surprisingly quality track created by the collective, and watch the mini documentary on Real Booty Music below.

Source: The Creators Project