DJ aliases are as common in the dance music world as it gets. Look at any number of festivals, club nights or events and the combination between the Steve Lawler’s, Carl Cox’s, and Seth Troxler’s of the world with the Claptone’s, Eats Everything’s, and Skream’s is just a given.

But, for every proper alias there is also a slew of what-were-they-thinking names sometimes its hard to grasp them all (and you should, because when they get bad they get REALLY bad). Thankfully, the Instagram page realdjnames has launched, crowd sourcing its content and featuring some of the most dumbfounding DJ aliases out there, and we are sure there are more to come.

Though it does feature names of artists that we have featured, including Cleavage and Wankelmut (no comment), the rest of the featured names is something of a framework in unoriginality. From medical ailments like DJ Diabetes, DJ Ebola and DJ Osteoperosis, to (a rather disconcerting amount of) misogyny like Scratchatory Rape, Vagina Boys, and Toxic Twat, to the ungodly amount of falic references: DJ BJ, No Condom, Pubes, DJ Tiny Dick, DJ Scrotum (should I continue?), this is surely the best what-not-do-do when thinking of a DJ name guide out there.

We’ve pulled some of our favorites below (personal favorite is DJ DJ Booth, complete with corporate stock photo), but for more take a look through the page yourself, and if you have any suggestions I’m sure they’d like to hear them.

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