YouTube is getting into the competitive market of paid music and video streaming services with their new YouTube Red app. For ten bucks a month, you can watch YouTube wherever you want (online or offline) and without advertisements.

Most importany of all, Red subscribers will be able to actually see more content than non-paying viewers. News has also just come out that because of Apple’s taking 30% of all in-app purchases, YouTube has raised the monthly fee for iOS users to $12,99 instead of $9,99. It seems a tad unfair to actually let the user pay for Apple and YouTube’s nitpicking.

YouTube Red will keep up their revenue-sharing model with content creators like they do on regular YouTube, only creators will have to sign a new licensing agreement. If they decline, YT will hide all their videos from the channel. The TechCrunch blog explains: “Google says the goal is to offer consistency, so people thinking about subscribing to Red don’t have to worry about their favorite content not being available in the ad-free service.”

Below is a summary of the other video streaming services and their monthly subscription prices.

  • Netflix: $8.99
  • Hulu: $7.99, or $11.99 for the ad-free option
  • Amazon Prime: $99 per year (about $8.25 per month)
  • HBO Now: $14.99
  • Showtime: $10.99

Source: TechCrunch