Boefjes is bringing a twisted piece of Berlin to Amsterdam and welcomes Berlin based club concept Salon – Zur wilden Renate at Chicago Social Club. On Friday July 17, life is a masquerade..

Salon – zur Wilden Renate is much more than just a club in Berlin, it is a concept, and more importantly, every visit is a unique experience. Wilde Renate started as an improvised club in a former apartment building and turned with it’s surrealistic decorations, innovative booking and eccentric crowd into one of the craziest theme parties of todays club landscape. Within the run-down, yet highly distinctive apartment building in Friedrichshain you can find three main dance floors – one on the ground floor and two upstairs, which gives a night at the club a unique house party atmosphere.

On July 17 Wilde Renate is coming to Amsterdam and you can be sure it’s going to be a wild night. The organisation plans on transforming the Chicago Social Club into a wonderful world with a lot of colour. The night is themed around the motto ‘Life is a Masquerade’, so don’t hesitate to dress up as your most eccentric and mysterious. Picture matinee masks, capes and bowler hats. Music-wise the whole night will be curated by various DJs whom are strongly affiliated to the Berlin club.

Berlin based duo and Renate’s favourite bad-boys Samanta Fox, Swedish born but of course Berlin based Tobias Gullberg and Amsterdams La Vondèl will take care of the main room, while Villa Kakelbont with Klaas, Johnny Rikco, Sander Dellariva and Wilffert will take care of the second room. Make sure you don’t miss out on a crazy Berlin night in Amsterdam.

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Samanta Fox | Tobias Gullberg | La Vondèl | Klaas | Johnny Rikco | Sander Dellariva | Wilffert 

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