Unum festival stands out for its unwavering focus on music, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Albanian Riviera’s majestic mountain ranges, serene beaches, and lush pine forests.

Nestled within this idyllic setting, the boutique gathering promises a continuous journey of musical exploration.

Featuring an eclectic lineup including attendees are in for an unforgettable experience filled with diverse sounds and non-stop musical adventures.

Here are five alternative acts to see.

Altin Bosh

Altin Bosh brings an eclectic mix of techno and house, infusing his sets with infectious energy and diverse rhythms.

Anfisa Letyago

Anfisa Letyago - Marko Edge (1)

Italian Anfisa Letyago’s dynamic style blends hypnotic techno beats with deep melodic undertones. She has transformed her underground roots into a unique sound, gathering support from icons like Carl Cox, so should not be missed.

DJ Reas

With more than 30 years of experience, DJ Reas stands out as a reference of house music in Geneva. He delivers high-octane performances, seamlessly transitioning between genres and keeping the dance floor alive.

Varhat (Live)

Varhat’s live sets are a journey through intricate grooves and organic sounds, showcasing his unique approach to electronic music. His live show is one of the best in the game.


Korolova’s sets are characterized by deep, atmospheric techno, creating an immersive experience that resonates long after the night ends. She is a real leader in the new school prog sound.

5 mixes to listen to

Few festivals are as music-centric as this one which plays out nestled between stunning mountain ranges, sweeping beaches and towering pine forests on the blissful Albanian Riviera.

The boutique gathering offers non-stop musical adventures in an idyllic setting.

The music is super underground and the crowd is in the know and keen to get down all festival long and this year headliners include Altin Bosh, Anfisa Letyago, Arapu, Cabanne, Christian AB, DJ Reas, Varhat (Live), John Dimas, Korolova, Maher Daniel, Manu Gonzalez, Praslea, Priku, Raresh, Rhadoo, Sonja Moonear and many more.

Here are five mixes to listen to to get you in the mood.

UNUM Festival 2022 Mix – Shëngjin, Albania by Lee Hasty


UNUM Festival 2021 Pine Stage by John Dimas


Traumer at UNUM Festival 2021


DJ Reas Part II – Unum festival 2021


RRRRON DJ set @ UNUM Festival pine stage 2021