There is so much to choose from in Ibiza but much of it is rather the same big names in the same big clubs.

Enter OffBeat, an all new night from the people behind the famous OpenLab Radio.

It has said it is “on a mission to bring back the avant-garde eclecticism for which Ibiza first became famous.”

As such its cutting edge line ups offer debutants and interesting names each Friday in NUI, a new industrial space situated in the heart of the Arts District.

Playing are the likes of A Love From Outer Space, Ata, Bill Patrick, Call Super, Cici, Cinthie, Daniel Avery, Dave DK, DJ Python, Optimo, Paula Tape, Prosumer, Ralph Lawson, Roman Flügel and Tristan Da Cunha and we were there to take these superb pictures of this fresh new night.