Crush-Dab-Wait, a new MDMA awareness community, has launched advising on proper MDMA ingestion protocol as purity of the drug has reached 83% and climbing.

Though the organisation does not condone drug use, the group advises advises MDMA users to crush MDMA crystals, ingest a dab of 70 – 100 mg, and wait 2 hours before any repetition. Crush-Dab-Wait is put together by community interest companies The Loop and Chill Welfare, who, after the recent Electric Daisy Carnival death of a 24-year-old male, have stepped up the push for more responsible drug use.

“When purity increases it takes a while for behaviours to readjust and we often see more problems. We want to keep people safe and advice as simple as ‘crush-dab-wait’ could save lives, ” says FionaMeasham, co-director of The Loop and director of its drug testing programme.

Director of Chill Welfare, Katy Macleod, adds: “It’s difficult to judge the dose of MDMA crystal so this can lead to users taking more and experiencing unpleasant and sometimes life threatening side effects. Equally people should be aware that mixing with other drugs including alcohol increases the likelihood of adverse side effects.”

Note: The UK continues to have the highest rates of MDMA use in Europe, with 3.9% of 16-24 year olds reporting having used ecstasy in the past year in the latest Home Office Crime Survey for England and Wales.


Source: Mixmag