D-Edge has announced its big plans during the world famous carnival week, with parties in both the leading and long running Sao Paolo club, as well as some special parties planned close to the new sister club in Rio before it opens fully later in the year.

The sleek, futuristic club in Sao Paolo—which is now 16 years old and is known for its great labels OLGA and D Edge—has a world class sound system and nurtures local talents next to key international guests. That will be the case again in February when plenty of big hitters come to town. 

In February, the Sao Paolo club boasts sets from tech house legend Bushwacka and house star Nuno Dos Santos on the 9th, then Berlin based deep techno and dub man Martin Youandme comes on the 4th, with Hito headlining on the 18th. 

As for Carnival week in February, which will be a big explosion of colour and culture as ever, the  club in Sao Paulo has Agoria on the 23rd and Life And Death label boss DJ Tennis playing on the 25th and then, ahead of the Rio club opening, a temporary warehouse space will be readied for Detroit techno legends Octave One and Agoria on the 28th.

04/02 Martin Youandme
09/02 Bushwacka
09/02 Nuno dos Santos
18/02 Hito 

23/02 Agoria 
25/02 DJ Tennis 
@ D-Edge, Sao Paulo 

28/02 Octave One 
28/02 Agoria
@ D-Edge, Rio de Janeiro 

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