Since 2003, Eva Padberg and Niklas Worgt have been releasing music as Dapayk & Padberg via their label Mo’s Ferry Prod.

For nearly three decades sought-after musician, producer and machine enthusiast Niklas has researched diverse club sound effects with countless projects, while singer Eva is an internationally renowned high fashion model. Now, the Berlin-based duo provide a first glimpse of what you can expect from Dapayk & Padberg in 2017, with their new album “Harbour”.

On the LP, Dapayk & Padberg leave their former club roots behind and channel the power of silence in decelerated beats, an organic instrumentation and floating ethereal vocals into a dynamic headlining mix of synthetic elements and ambient pop. For the first time, a Dapayk & Padberg LP will be released on Mo’s Ferry’s sub-label Fenou, which in recent years has made an excellent name for its signature sound of harmonic electronica and swinging minimal electro.

Harbour” is NOW AVAILABLE on Fenou. VINYL | iTunes | Beatport

harbour-in post


1. Harbour
2. Watching Over You
3. U-Camargue
4. Sink This Ship
5. Drops
6. Nightshades
7. Tempest
8. Just Be Found
9. Rain
10. Stop Running
11. Favorite Song
12. The Field