We sit down with Adassiya to celebrate her latest release ‘Kawaiya’ on Lump Records. We delve into her inspirations, her summer highlights and more…

Hey Adassiya! It’s nice to meet you 🙂 How did you spend your summer this year? 

Hello! It’s nice to meet you too 🙂 My summer was so crazy! I travelled a lot, discovered new countries, new venues. I really enjoyed my season.

You just released a new single in collaboration with Ghenwa Nemnom titled “Kawaiya” on Lump Records. What was your inspiration behind this record? 

I initially came across and got to know Ghenwa on social media and I really liked her music, she is so talented. When we eventually met in person in Lebanon, for us it just made sense to create an EP together. My inspiration for this was to make a cool track with electronic and afro touch and I knew immediately that, with her feeling and her instrumental, the Arabic influence will come naturally.  The most important thing to us was to have a spiritual and positive vibe in the music we create.

You have collaborated with Ghenwa Nemnom for this track. What was your experience working together?

It was fantastic because from the very beginning we were on the same page, we were connected. Everything was easy. I sent some ideas, she loved them. She then recorded her qanun and sent me the recordings and I was immediately in love with it too. It was the beginning of the story of our friendship 🙂  This is how we started. After this collaboration we decided to create a live set, I came to Beirut and we made a beautiful video in the historic place of Byblos. It was a magical experience. So now we also have some gigs together and we already played in Paris, Bucharest, Lebanon and Turkey!

Based in Paris, how much of an influence did the city have on your sound? 

Yes I was born in Paris and am based there – and with my Algerian origins, I am an electric and exotic mix!. Paris is an amazing, eclectic city with a lot of people from everywhere, it’s a fashion city, it’s so beautiful, romantic, sweet but it can also be rustic, tough and ghetto. Paris is intense, anything is possible, it can be the summer and all of a sudden snow one hour later haha. Paris taught me that anything can happen and that you make your own rules in life! So I’m like that and my music is like that… do you know what I mean? 😉

Can you walk us through your creative process? What comes first for you when working on new music? 

I have no specific process really, it all depends on the inspiration. Sometimes I wake up with a melody in my  head and I start to work around it. I love to mix machines and real instruments and I was a singer before I became a DJ so I used to  work with lot of live bands and have lot of musician friends. So when I work on a track I sometimes call some friends to play trumpets or piano etc, to come to my home and play along with my singing.. And the magic starts!

What were some of your highlight performances this past summer? 

Very difficult to choose because so many of them were magical for different reason! You won’t have enough space to publish everything I’d love to tell you about all of them haha I really enjoyed the “Yard” party in Lisbon for example, the venue and the vibe were so nice. “La Closerie” in Tunis was also crazy, the people were so magical. The venue FLY ME in Lefkada in Greece was above the clouds! I also played at a wedding in Sardinia, there were around 50 people there but the energy was like it was 5000!

How do you define success? Is it about the numbers, or is there more to it? 

For me success is when you are able to earn a living from doing something that is your true passion. It’s when you are somewhere where you feel that you are in ‘your place’ and when people are receptive to the love you shared with them and leave your show with a smile.

Now that “Kawaiya” is out, what is next for Adassiya? 

My next two releases will be in October, “La Récréation” on the 6th on the Cosmic Awakenings label and then “Desert Heart” (a collaboration with Bakean) on the 13th on Wanna Be a Frog. And I have more new tracks coming out in December.

Thanks for joining us today. Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go? 

Thank you so much for inviting me for this interview, it was fun sharing some stories of my life with you and your fans! If people want to follow me and see what I’m up to, you can find me or even join my channel on Instagram – its Adassiya Music. And I hope to see you all on the dancefloor one day soon! 

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