Andrea Appolloni is an Italian DJ/Producer from Milan who has made a real name for himself with his groove laden housey beats. We caught up with him recently to hear about his new single“Simba”
on his label Room 9 Recordings…

Hey Andrea, how has the first half of the year been for you so far?

It has been an intense one and full of satisfactions this first half of the year. Lots of parties and it has been a very positive period of time from a creative point of view. I look forward to the second semester when there will be some amazing news for upcoming productions.

What has been the most important lesson learnt in your career?

I always think before making choices. sometimes instinct prevails over reason, but wrong choices in the past taught me that it’s always better to make a decision rationally rather than instinctively. I have made several mistakes in the past from which I have learned a lot.

How and why did you first get into electronic music?

I was first dragged to a disco by my friends in Turin, a pioneer place in Italy for electronic music.

I still remember that night as a magical and milestone moment for me, it was love at first sight with those electronic sounds.

What is the milan scene like, what sounds are popular?

Milan is certainly influenced by its fashion, arts and design identity. The big venues are mainly focused on what we can define as the new tech house, but there are also smaller but very interesting realities in the slightly more underground electronic sector.

What do you hope is your signature sound?

I am very attached to my cultural heritage and to my past experiences, that you can find in my sounds and my identity … certainly a warm, rhythmic, fun and melodic sound.

Tell us about your new single for your label Room 9 Recordings – what inspired it?

My goal was to make an easy track with a crossover style that could be definitely impactful on the dancefloor. When I play it I always find a very positive reaction from people on the dancefloor, so I’m happy about it.

What tools do you use in the studio? How important are they?

I think it’s important to find the right balance between machines (I have a moog and a roland) and virtual instruments, but I should admit that technology is fundamental to create tracks faster and easily, without neglecting quality.

Tell us about the vocal – is it a sample or original? Are the words important?

It’s coming from a sample which I cut and processed. Lyrics are not so important in this case. Considering that I’d rather focus on creating a fun mood and an engaging rhythmic base.

What do you have coming up?

I have some interesting dates for clubbing and also really interesting productions, more news coming soon 🙂

What was the last tune you bought and why?

My favourite DJ is Jamie Jones, so “Lose My Mind” it’s a masterpiece that I bought immediately 🙂

Andrea Appolloni single “Simba” will be out on Room 9 Recordings on 20th July
Pre-order Here