We’re thrilled to sit down with the renowned electronic music duo, Antix, as they embark on an exciting new chapter with the release of their latest track, “Moses,” from the much-anticipated ‘AXXV’ album. With 25 years in the music industry under their belt, Antix offers a unique blend of experience and innovation. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiration behind their new music, the evolution of the music industry, and the journey that led to the creation of “AXXV.” Join us as we explore the insights and reflections of this iconic duo.

1. You’ve just released your first track ‘Moses’ from your upcoming  ‘AXXV’ album. Tell us more about this track and your inspiration behind it?
“Moses” has truly transformed into what we believe will be one of the standout tracks on our upcoming album. Having tested it out numerous times, its profound impact on the dance floor is unmistakable. The hypnotic, deep bass groove captivates listeners, drawing them in. Interestingly, its origins lie in a downbeat track, which also finds its place on the new album.

2. What motivated you to come back and release new music after such a long break?

Throughout this period, we’ve consistently been composing music, albeit under different aliases like ‘Out of Sorts’ Recently, our focus shifted towards creating music that aligns with the Antix identity. Gradually, this transition sparked a transformation in our ideas and concepts, culminating in the development of a new album.

3. How has your individual growth and experiences over the past 25 years influenced the sound of your new music?

Spending significant time working with the tools sharpens your production skills, refining both technical proficiency and the art of arrangement. Equally important is cultivating the confidence to craft music that reflects your unique vision, rather than merely emulating the sound of others.

4. What can fans expect from the rest of the tracks on the “AXXV” album?

For us, this experience resonates as a fresh iteration of ‘Lull’, our initial album on Iboga Records. Throughout this creative process, we’ve consciously avoided external influences, allowing the music to organically guide us on its unique journey.

5. Can you discuss the significance of the title “AXXV” and how it ties into the themes of the album?

“XXV” represents 25 in Roman numerals, with the “A” symbolizing Antix, marking a celebration of our 25 years in the music industry.

6. In what ways do you perceive the music industry has evolved since your previous release?

The landscape has indeed shifted significantly. In the past, artists thrived on record sales, and physical copies sold well. However, with the digital age, monetary value has dwindled, as listeners often opt for free downloads or streaming services. While this accessibility has its advantages, making it easier for audiences to discover music, it’s also become increasingly challenging for emerging artists to break through the noise and gain recognition.

7. Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you faced while working on this album?

The silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic was the opportunity it afforded us to spend more time in the studio due to the downtime it brought. Thanks to this unexpected period, we were able to embark on this latest album project. However, as time progressed, finding dedicated time for music-making became increasingly challenging. Nevertheless, fueled by determination, we remained committed to completing what we started.

8. How do you envision your music connecting with both longtime fans and new listeners who may be discovering Antix for the first time?

I’m optimistic that the new album will resonate with our audience. With “AXXV” evoking memories of a rejuvenated “Lull”, I hope our fans perceive it in a similar light.

9. What are your plans for the future after the release of this album?

Exciting times ahead! Touring Europe for a month, including performances at prestigious festivals like Fusion Festival, Noisily, and Zna, along with gigs at clubs in Berlin, is a thrilling opportunity. We’re eagerly anticipating sharing our new album with audiences, eager to gauge their reactions. Additionally, reconnecting with friends and fans we haven’t seen in a while adds an extra layer of excitement to the tour.

10. What advice would you give to aspiring artists who may be inspired by your journey and come back?

Absolutely, creating music for the right reasons is paramount. It’s usually driven by a genuine love for the craft. And beyond the music itself, treating people with respect and kindness is essential. Good manners go a long way in this industry. After all, nobody enjoys working with someone unpleasant. So, if you aim to keep getting booked and playing gigs, remembering to say “please” and “thank you” can make all the difference.