Known for her innovative sound and captivating tracks, Milica’s journey into music production is both inspiring and intriguing. We delve into the inspirations that fueled her passion, her creative process, and the experiences that have shaped her music. With her debut EP released on Blackflag Recordings, Milica has already made significant strides in the industry. Join us as we explore her musical journey, creative influences, and what’s next on her horizon.

Hey Milica, what inspired you to pursue a career in music production?

There has been a lot of inspiration throughout my childhood, student times and my adulting. I have collected a list physically and digitally of sounds, songs, samples and ideas for over a decade. Accordingly I have finally decided to use those materials and work with it to create my own sound I can play and eventually hear other DJs play.

Can you tell us about your creative process when working on tracks like those featured on ‘Somebody at Space’?

There are different approaches I have. ‘Somebody At Space’ started as a learning project. I put a lot of hours and effort in it until it sounded perfect for me. It was almost ready to master then I went to Miami Music Week and got more inspired to change few last bits. Other times I have an idea at home, on the train, plane ect, and instantly I start working on it. I love to record live sounds in nature or industrial, vocals whatever catches my ear and use them in upcoming projects.

How does it feel to have your debut ep released on Blackflag Recordings run by the legendary Stacey Pullen?

It is a great opportunity for me to release on Stacey’s label Blackflag and like a dream come true.

What influence does your dual residency in the UK and Ibiza have on your music?

The musical influences and the network I have built in the last 14 years have been only possible because of this dual residency. In Ibiza and London I can go everyday to listen to the best DJ’s in the world which has imprinted my musical selection for DJing and producing. It has helped me to meet influential DJ’s who I can send my tracks to e.g.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?

A difficult question. I could name 25 DJ/ producers here and would forget another 25. I would rather answer this question in a different way and say it’s more outside the electronic music scene: movies. So the answer is Movie soundtrack producers and composers. Because they made me feel something and remember the pictures forever. This is what I want to create with the music and productions.

What challenges did you face while crafting your debut EP?

Sometimes creativity is not turning on when I book the studio. And after a 3-4 hour session in the studio my brain and hearing doesn’t work anymore to perceive and decide. But that’s normal I think and part of any creative process.

Can you share any memorable moments from your performances at Destino and Cova Santa?

Seeing people enjoying the music and dancing is the most rewarding moment for me. The real work for the set is happening before the actual set. To see the result of this work is the performance and the feedback is the reaction of the crowd. That’s what makes unforgettable memories for me.

How did it feel to receive support from renowned artists during the Ibiza 2023 season? Does that inspire you?

It felt unbelievably good. I am so grateful and thankful for being given this chance. Hearing your track being played in front of thousands of people is something very special. This is definitely a reason to work more on further productions.

What gear did you use to make your music and does that matter, are you a gear head?

DAW – Ableton. I guess it’s a matter of taste. I like to use simple and basic gear as it makes me more creative.

What’s next for you after the release of ‘Somebody at Space’?

I have already finished some new tracks that I would love to release, and I’m constantly working on new music with some great collaborations coming up.

Milica (UK)’s “Somebody At Space” is out now on Blackflag Recordings
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