Owners of Danse Club Records, DJs and Producers Austen/Scott have consistently championed their own brand of house and techno; a sound that eventually garnered the attention of Joris Voorn who signed them to his Rejected label.

The UK duo’s sounds take centre stage on this special HYBRID mix, making for a fine fusion of House and Techno that results in fresh new musical forms bound to draw plenty of new fans.

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Aubrey – Aqua Warrior (Austen/Scott Loop Edit) – Out-er
Sanasol, Thor (Thule) – Flush – Connaisseur Recordings
Austen/Scott – Juno Missions – Danse Club
Unknown – Unknown – Danse Club (Forthcoming)
Jeff Mills – Automatic – Purpose Maker
Truncate – Ratio 3 (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Truncate
Mark Ambrose – Shooting Stars (Aubrey’s Dark Mix) (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Theory
A. Brehme – Tzotzil – (Scott’s Live 808 Interpretation) – Form & Function
Peace Division – Be U 4 T (Peace Dub) (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Peace Division
DJ Jes – Malo – Karlovak
DJ Deeon – Akceier 8 (MAT Remix) (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Basic Beat Recordings
Austen/Scott – Tamas – Danse Club
‘GRAIN G2-004’ (Layer Tool) – Unknown
Austen/Scott – To The Unknown God (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Danse Club
Pris – Pencil Pusher (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Resin
Nobody Home – A Matter Of The Heart (Austen/Scott Live Version) – Home Recordings
DJ Qu – Times Like This – The Corner
Austen/Scott – Man’s Word – Danse Club
Marcus Henriksson – Unexpressed – Matsuri Digital
Jeff Mills – The Deep – Purpose Maker
Auto Repeat – Def Jam (Austen/Scott Live Version) – SSR Records
Zirni – Particles – Default Position
Austen/Scott – Somewhere In His Heart – Danse Club
Aubrey – Aqua Warrior (Austen/Scott Loop Edit) – Out-er
Austen/Scott – Thinking Or Present – Danse Club