From Laurel & Hardy to Mulder & Scully to Bert & Ernie, the world is full of great pairings. And electronic music is no different either, featuring as it does a string of collaborations that come together both on the decks and in the studio. One such pairing who’ve recently received a host of well-earned attention is H.O.S.H and Andhim, who joined forces with some esteem recently for the latest in H.O.S.H’s celebrated ‘Forever Young’ series. And as the transcript of their conversation soon reveals, theirs is a duo that’s very much built around a humorous chemistry. So here’s what went down recently when the guys caught up with one another to reflect on their latest musical endeavours… Make sure you check out Andhim’s amazing tour video halfway down the page too, you will not be disappointed!!

Andhim to H.O.S.H…

Sound wise, what was the main idea behind the EP in your head?
I didn’t really care so much about the sound to be honest. I am deeply in love with you both and just tried to find a way to spend some more intimate moments together.

How did you find working with us?!
I would compare it to the feeling of being born. You shook me like a baby and when I cried for milk you gave me beer.

As well as “Captain” we also have “writer” on the EP – what was the intent/thought process behind this track…?
A long time ago, it was my dream to become a writer. It seems I am a tad better at doing music, so I wanted to name a track “writer” in homage to that part of my life.

Did our track come out as you imagined beforehand?
To be honest, I didn’t expect much but imagined a lot. My imagination (minus 98%!) is usually what the track becomes in the end.

So when did you first come up with the idea for Captain?
It happened when I was playing on Ibiza on a boat. I immediately imagined some handsome men with big beards as my mates on sea. That’s why I cast you two.

Have you played the track in clubs? What was the people’s reaction?
I can’t really tell as I usually take a pee break during the song because I listened to it so many times at home.

[youtube id=”wFWhTg_7-Fw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

H.O.S.H to Andhim:

How has this summer been for you guys? What’s been the highlight?
Simon finally had his penis miniaturization. We started a pub brawl. Tobias got his swimming badge after three years of practicing. We got married and divorced twice in three months. So a pretty quiet summer by our standards.

Did you have as much fun as I had when producing? What’s your favourite memory of the production process?
It’s always great to hang with you, bro. But I can tell you about our least favourite moment, no problem; the moment when Solomun, David August, Phono and some other dudes stormed the studio with cans of beer and forced us to show them the song. The thing was, we’d only just started work on it one hour before so everyone was bothering us and telling us to hurry it! From then on we sat in the back, eating chips and talking loud.

Have you played the track in clubs? What was the people’s reaction?
The reactions go from immediate orgasms to late orgasms. So pretty much normal for a song of ours.

Now you know what I wanted to be as a kid, what did you want to be?
Simon: Invalidity pensioner.
Tobias: I always wanted to be like Simon: smart, good looking and brave. As you can see I became the total opposite.

What else is coming up from you guys?
We had a song coming out called “Melte” for the Monaberry compilation in August. Real hands up in the air stuff. Don’t miss the video we did for it. It is hilarious and will bring you back to the late 80s. Furthermore we are working on a remix for the 2 Bears at the moment and on a whole new andhim EP too. Oh… and Simon is doing his soft porn stuff as always. A glimpse of what it looks like you can found here: Andhimmusic

Words: Stan Laurel

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