It’s another impressive feat for those cheeky programmers at Egg, London tonight. Take Jens Kahn, more commonly known as Lowtec, add in Mosca, a live set from Kassem Mosse and a take over from Detroit born, Berlin based techno legend Jimmy Edgar, and I think you’ll find you’ve got yourself a recipe for a night of unrequited tech-house success. Who could possibly say no?

We enter to the sounds of Lowtec on the decks, the crowd is only just beginning to bustle but of course this comes as no surprise with such an early set time. Clearly not discouraged by the lack of attendance, Lowtec delivers an exemplary selection of tunes. He drops in and out of confident repetition, looping vocals and darker, crunchier beats with precision. The set is strange and it’s exciting, which will come as no surprise to anyone that’s had the pleasure of having two hours of alone time with his Workshop 20 12” that was released last month.

Next for our listening, viewing and dancing pleasure is Kassem Mosse’s live set and despite not being the main attraction, he produces possibly the best set of the night. Darker than the others of the evening so far, the German producer wastes no time in creating a quality that’s hazy and atmospheric, steadily but continually ramping things up, it’s clear that this set impresses.


Securely placed on the shelf alongside some of the biggest pioneers in electronic music, Jimmy Edgar’s set is hugely anticipated. Laying down tracks which admittedly were not as predicted, the set begins with a more mainstream focus than what you would normally hear from a Detroit-born, Berlin-based DJ but that’s not to say it isn’t a total crowd pleaser. Edgar remains to be a prolific artist and does not disappoint.

The crowd fluctuates as Mosca takes the controls for the final set of the night and punters make their way from upstairs down to the basement where the Funktion One sound system has everyone’s rib cages rattling. Adhering to tonight’s more house focused vibe, Mosca hands over a plethora of funky, swooning tunes which have the revelers on the floor moving and by this point the venue was also filled with more shuffles than a game of Bridge. It became evident that this craze was quite the focal point as I was asked twice in the smoking area if I’d like a lesson in how to do it. I politely declined.

A mass of whoops and shrieks and a room full of bustling bodies close what has been yet another huge night at Egg. Keep it coming Kurv, you’re doing it right.

Words: Pete Downes

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