Darius Syrossian is a breath of fresh air in the often all too stuffy house music scene. He is someone who speaks his mind, but what he says comes from his heart, as well as years experience. He is an internationally touring DJ and has been for years. He majors in tough, sweat inducing house music of all shades and knows how to keep his hardcore fans happy. He has released on VIVa, Hot Creations and many more labels, and is soon to start his own new one as well as do a regular radio show. He is the spearhead behind Tribal sessions once again this summer, and will be on a bus tour to the White Isle with Avotre label mates Sidney Charles and Sante. Here we catch up with the man to find out all about this and much more.

What’s been good and bad so far about 2015?
It’s been great to finally get my studio set up and running in my new home in Cheshire, I live close to Manchester airport too so when I’m touring it’s easier for me, been on the road a lot with Australia tour and Asia gigs and several gigs across europe and four times in Italy already in a few months… Bad? Well, apart from ear problems, nothing really. As long as my ear doesn’t affect my gigs then all good.

What are you most looking forward to about summer and why?
Being back in Sankeys Ibiza and playing that legendary Basement, and playing for Tribal Sessions which is the party I’ll be playing every week for from May to October. We are doing every Tuesday this year and I just can’t wait to get back there!

How has winter been, did you get much music written, does the weather change the music you make?
Loads of music written, I’ve just had a release out on Avotre which is Sante’s label. The feedback has been amazing with support fro Adam Beyer, Mathias Tanzmann, Green Velvet, Heidi, Troy Pierce, and loads more. I’ve also got a few more releases coming out including an EP on Roush and I’ve also got the first two projects on my forthcoming new label that I’m launching called Our Rhythm. This will start in middle of summer, and the first release has remixes from Cuartero and Nathan Barato, keep an eye on this page for more info > Our Rhythm.

Tell us about the Tribal Sessions season you have planned – how long did it take to put tougher? Will it be much different then last year?
All will be revealed soon, but trust me it’s been a lot of work, with myself and David Vincent and we have hand picked some great acts to play for us. Again, we didn’t want to do the obvious same old typical Ibiza bookings that everyone has already seen elsewhere, but picked artists that we think deserve to play on merit. The line ups for Tribal Sessions at Sankeys Ibiza every Tuesday will be announced any day now…

You are also doing a road to trial tour, right? Whats the deal there? Where will you be heading and with who?
[Laughs] RIGHT! Ok I’m a serious workaholic, I have started my new radio show: Our Rhythm Radio, I’m launching a label, and I’m writing music, remixing, and touring heavily, so just to make it more crazy, Hannes, who is my manager but also the manager of Sante and Sidney Charles, said, ‘Why don’t we do a “Road To Ibiza Tribal Sessions Tour”‘. First, a series of UK gigs, then a series of European tour gigs where we are all on a tour bus and work our way from UK to Holland, to Belgium, then to France, and then down to Spain – and do gigs in all these places – then finally arrive into Ibiza in time for the Sankeys opening out there! It’s going to be pretty gruelling, but we have one of those super buses that bands use, so we have bunk beds and a living space with leather sofas, and we are going to have a studio on board, too and make a ‘Tour Bus EP’ so we are not bored of being on the road for two weeks!

And I understand you are launching your own new label – why now? What will it be called?
Yes, as I said, its called Our Rhythm, this will launch mid to late summer 2015, every release will be vinyl as well as digital. I feel the time is right now, because although I will carry on with my close connection to Sankeys and Tribal Sessions which I LOVE, I feel I also want my own label. The reason it’s called Our Rhythm is because of the following… Basically we have all these websites that try to preach what is the IN sound, what DJs should be playing, what’s cool, and what’s not cool and I think that’s ridiculous! Music is not a fashion or a trend! MUSIC IS AN ART!

I read someone write on RA he would like to see the end to nineties style house, and this was coming from a music journalist! Sorry, but who are you to decide what music should be out there? However, I think, because of things such as Soundcloud, these sites have lost the power they once had to PREACH what people should be listening to – lots of different styles and genres co-exist! People can find what they like for themselves, follow artists they like on Soundcloud, and this is healthy. So MY sound is for myself and all the people out there who choose to follow my kind of sound and like it too. This sound is OUR rhythm, we all like it together, and we don’t preach to anyone else what they like, everyone is free to like whatever sound they like. House and techno will always be relevant, I don’t believe in genres, and with this label I will show that I like it all! House, techno and everything in between; old school sounding, new sounding, tougher, deeper, darker, more funky… As long as it’s good! SIMPLE AS THAT.

What will the vibe be – will relationships be important or is it all about the music?
ALL about the music and that’s it! Same as it always has been with me.

What is the thing you are most proud of so far in your career?
That I have stayed true to my word, and always done what music I like from my heart and never changed what I play or make to fit any latest fad or fashion. Also that, no matter how many people have tried to knock me, I’ve only ever focused on all the support and people out there who love my music, and stayed positive and true to myself, to keep making the music that I love and I’ll continue to be that way…

Words: Pete Downes

Darius plays Studio 338 this weekend as part of The Road to Tribal Sessions – purchase tickets here

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