Hector Couto is one of the new breed of Spanish artists currently blazing a trail across Europe and the rest of the world. Born in the Canary Islands, he gravitated towards house music early on and has steadily built his career up from the ground to his current position as a globe-trotting purveyor of intoxicating dancefloor artillery. Hector runs his own label, Roush, and is a nifty producer too, so he has a few strings to his bow…. We had a quick chat with him recently about what he’s been up to…

Firstly, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you are from and how you got into DJing/producing?
Hello I’m Hector Couto, I started my career about eight years ago in my island Tenerife. I started DJing with my friends as a hobby and making my first tracks with Acid Pro. Everything started to get bigger in the last four years when I released on labels like Hot Creations, OFF, Get Physical, Noir and many more, all of these releases helped me in my career as a DJ… I started to become more popular and playing in a lot more clubs all over the world…

You seem to be touring a lot these days, where have you been recently that has really impressed you?
Budapest is a beautiful place, I recommend going there. Last time I played there all the people were really kind to me and I had a great experience, I really hope to go back there soon.

How do you think you have grown as an artist since you started to become more famous and started to travel more?
I’m growing in many aspects, as an artist and personally. Having the opportunity to play all over the world with a lot of different people has influenced me in my music and given me the opportunity to improve. I’ve been traveling since I was 22 years old. Making what I love totally changed my life and my vision of house music.

Who inspired you in the early stages of your career?
Steve Lawler, no doubt.

Who inspires you nowadays?
These days I’m really feeling Apollonia and Jamie Jones.

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Were there any local guys in your town who you really looked up to?
There was a duo called Sigma 7 who were very successful on my island, they did very good tracks and I followed them in my early days as a producer.

Can you remember your first gig outside of Tenerife? Where was it and how did it go?
Of course, the first time I played outside my island was in Finland about six years ago. The people was really cool and it was fun… recently I had the opportunity to play in the same club, and it was another really nice experience.

You also make music, when did you start producing? What kind of tracks were you making in the beginning?
If I have to be honest, horrible tracks!

What do you think is so special about house music that it still exists today after 30 years and it’s more popular now than ever?
I think house is more than music, house is a lifestyle. We can see and feel the support of all the people. We created a movement – people will be listening and dancing to house music for many many years.

What are you working on music-wise, at the moment?
Right now I’m working on two remixes for a two different labels and I just finished my last EP on my own label, Roush, called ‘People Talk’. The EP will be released on the 15th of September.

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You play b2b with Cuartero quite often, how did you two meet?
We met a few years ago at a gig and we became friends. Since then we’ve played b2b in many gigs with a lot of success I must say.

When you party together who is more likely to get drunk and need looking after?
Haha, actually we are both very responsible and we do not need to look out for each other.

Who is the better dancer out of you two?
I think Cuartero , because I don’t have any dance skills!

Which country has the best girls?
Argentina, for sure.

Tell us about your label, Roush? Where does the name come from and what is the ethos behind the label?
We wanted a name that had no meaning and which people can associate easily with us. We create our own style with artworks that’s easy to recognise and I think we succeeded. I’m working closely with Antonio my label manager and together we have been working hard on every release and we are both really happy with how things are going. The label has a lot of support right now and we need to keep strong for all our followers.

Can you tell us about some new artists we might not know about?
Jamie Trench, Truth Be Told, Di Chiara Brothers…

How is the scene in your hometown nowadays?
It’s improving, we have a new club that is doing very good events with top artists, summer festivals and many club parties.

Spanish artists seem to be really smashing it at the moment, why do you think there are so many Spanish guys doing well?
I think we’ve had a lot of influence from the old school DJs who passed through Spain years ago. Many of us dreamed to become a DJ, influenced by many of them. Now it’s our moment to show the talent we have and keep smashing it…

What are your plans for the future?
To work hard and try to continue growing as artist

Finish this sentence, without house music I would be…
A professional surfer.

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