Luca Cazal is one of the busiest artists in the business with several collaborative projects on the go (Infinity Ink, Luca C & Brigante, Inivisible Cities and Hot Natured), plus his own solo work and a packed touring schedule too. From Ibiza to the States and back to the UK, he’s always on the move, yet somehow manages to lock himself away in the studio and put together some seriously good music. With his debut solo EP hitting the streets recently, we thought it was about time we pinned him down for a little chat…

So, you and Brigante played a live set at Paradise a couple of weeks ago. How did it pan out?
It was wicked, it was my favourite gig in DC10 so far. We had a 909, an SH101, a bunch of effects and a 303 clone – we took up half the DJ booth in the terrace with all our gear. Everyone was like, ‘What the f*** are you gonna do with all that stuff?!’. But we kept it really simple, with really driving terrace music just jamming with a lot of ad-lib going on and it sounded good. I mean, the 909 alone sounds so good. It was a real live set as opposed to a lot of the so-called ‘live sets’ you see these days that are just a laptop and a controller.

I guess the thing is with you two is that you spend a lot of time jamming together anyway so you translate that dynamic into a club environment quite easily.
Yeah. We worked hard on it, for about three weeks, and rehearsed a lot too. We’ve never really gone out together to play gigs before – but now we’re hoping to get out on the road and do some more of those kind of shows. It’s main room music, the terrace was rammed and it went off.

How’s everything been going since the release of your EP?
Really well, the EP got some really good reviews, I’ve had some amazing feedback. Apart from that I’ve had a lot of solo gigs and some stuff with Infinity Ink as well.


Nice one, and you’re bringing back the Double Drop label right?
Yeah, that’s coming back – we’re re-releasing Lucio. There’s also going to be a sub-label called See Double for more club-based stuff; there’ll be a track from me on my own, Brigante, me and Citizen have collaborated on a track and there’s also going to be a release with The Mole on one side and San Proper on the other, in collaboration with us.

And what’s the reason behind bringing the label back?
We wanted to re-release Lucio because it was going for stupid money on Discogs, everyone wanted it and we only pressed 300 copies – I can’t even find my own copy! And we wanted to take control of the Invisible Cities thing, and not have the pressure of being attached to a label that’s not our own. With all of this we have control, and we can do things at our own pace – in fact, we can do just as good a job as any independent label, probably a better job because we’re so attached to it and we care about it more.

What’s the latest with Invisible Cities?
We’re actually in the process of re-releasing the EP, we got the rights from Southern Fried and we’re going put it out on digital and vinyl this time. All the Balearic enthusiasts buy vinyl, so we wanted to cater for them – plus the artwork is very special; we’re using images of some paintings that Brigante’s dad made. They’re really nice, they almost look like photographs – there are loads of them, so we’ll be using those for all the record sleeves, we want them to become collector’s items.

[youtube id=”-5JneTQfPgI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Are you working on much while you’re there in Ibiza?
I’m just finishing up some tracks, one I can’t really mention right now but I’ve made another track with a shamanic sample [as Mairiri had], and I’ve made a ‘terrace’ version of ‘Different Morals’, which went down well at DC10 recently.

Great! And what’s happening up until the end of the year?
We’ve got a Hot Natured tour in November, in Brazil and the US. Then we’re back in the studio to write some new material. I’ve got a solo tour in the States in December, and I’ve got loads of bits to finish for next year: The new Infinity Ink EP, I’ve been making some music with Yasmin as well. She’s really cool, great to work with.

What’s the score with Hot Natured plans?
We’ve got some tracks that we started during the making of the first album, that aren’t finished yet, plus some stuff we’ve made in the meantime and, individually, we’ve all got stuff that we want to contribute to the project so it’s going to be an exciting time when we get back in the studio together. We’ve got two weeks of sessions in London, then I’m heading to LA to work with Lee and Anabel. So there’s a lot of new music on the way…

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