Just before the World Cup kicked off, Deep House London caught up with the owner of two of Brazil’s biggest clubs – D.Edge and Warung, Mr. Renato Ratier. We spoke to Renato about the huge football event and the effect it has had on his homeland. The answers we got were not what we expected, read on to find out more…

First of all, you own two of the biggest clubs in Brazil. Can you tell me a little bit about how things are progressing in your home nation?
Good, growing slowly. I don’t believe in the whole ‘Boom!’, quick way of doing things, I want to build a solid base and find the right partners around the country. You have to look at the map like a war game… in a good way, and identify the different territories that need help. ‘Here’s one guy in Brasilia, let’s help him to develop. There’s Manaus, let’s help them to develop there. In the south, the same thing…’. Each city, let’s make connections and let them grow naturally. It has to be natural.

Outside of Rio and Sao Paolo, where’s the next big territory?
I don’t like to speculate about these things. I just want to work with these guys, to collaborate, to seek out new talents and to see them evolve naturally.

The World Cup is coming up, what do you think about that?
I think it’s going to be a disaster because Brazil is not ready to have it and the Government is very bad now. The people in Brazil are not happy about all of it because we don’t have good hospitals, education… we don’t have many things, but they invest billions and billions in building stadiums and the airports are not ready. It’s going to be a disaster and I’m not happy about that.

In terms of the effect of people coming to Brazil, that should feed into the economy and public services, no?
I don’t think so. Last carnival, for example, we had the trash collectors go on strike. Rio was covered in trash and smelled really bad. The Government don’t do the right thing. But you know, a bad thing can lead to good things because maybe in the future the people will vote to change this Government for a better one. Maybe people will say, ‘Hey, we need good schools, hospitals, a good infrastructure to make this country better for us’. People say Brazil is going to be the next economic superpower but this won’t happen with the Government we have. They don’t have the right policies and there’s a lot of corruption. We have the opportunity to be a superpower, we have a lot of natural resources but the Government is very bad.

So, in terms of D-Edge and Warung, do you have the opportunity to feed back into your communities via the clubs?
For sure, the people get what we’re doing and they’re supporting. But it’s sad because the idea for a lot of international DJs is to go to Brazil to get things and then say ‘Bye!’, you know. We have to see it different and work on partnerships, and give the country some respect. Not that they’re not respectful, but the idea of Brazil to some of them is to go there and get high, get the girls… I want to bring the guys over and help to spread some positivity in my local communities.

What does the future hold for your clubs and yourself?
In October we’re opening a new project in Rio, it’s not just a club, it’s a restaurant, art gallery… a cultural spot. It’s that and I’m opening a restaurant and studio in Sao Paolo. Besides that I’m back to working in fashion, I have my label Ratier, which is for men. This year I’m starting to work on the next album, which will be finished in time for ADE. It’s been produced in conjunction with the conception of a live show.

So, finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the future of Brazil taking into account your comments on the Government?
I hope we have somebody in charge who thinks about the country, someone patriotic and who really loves the country not someone who is only thinking about their own personal interests. Someone with passion.

Who’s going to win the World Cup?
I don’t know… hopefully an African nation.

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