Varoslav has been steadily building a sterling reputation with his crisp productions, excellent parties and superlative label, Rue De Plaisance. Based in Paris, where so many of the house music industry’s talents seem to have sprung from in recent years, Varoslav focuses on a deep, classy ethos always keeping it interesting with his own music and the tracks he puts out via the label. In fact, we recently reviewed the label’s latest EP. This week Varoslav will exhibit the works produced by Rue De Plaisance’s in-house artist, Cedric Virassamy, in Barcelona. We spoke to him about the forthcoming show…

I’m very intrigued to know more about your artwork you push through the label, what is behind your ideas? Do you try and envisage what the track would look like in art form?
I’m working with a good friend, Cedric Virassamy, a French guy who’s been living in Berlin for 10 years now. He’s doing all the artwork, handmade drawings with ink; I feel nothing could be possible without him. I’m very proud of him working on this collaboration with me.

Your first show want very well in Berlin, do you expect to get a different reaction at Sonar?
Yes, I think that it will be a little bit different. For the first Rue de Plaisance event at Sonar, we wanted something intimate and special to let the people discover our universe out of the scene or the clubbing circuit. The exhibition will take place in a smokers association and art gallery called Choko.

Why did you choose Sonar?
I have been to Barcelona quite a lot over the year, especially during Sonar. I wanted to be back in good conditions to present something interesting to the public. Sonar is definitely a great time to meet people from all over the world. I always tend to speak to people over Skype and Facebook prior to Sonar about plans and so on, so it’s nice to meet these people in real life and share artistic influences. I think it’s always better to have real contact.


What do you want people to take a way from it?
Nice souvenir, good vibes and some goodies we have prepared for our 1st visitors! It will be a special moment with friends, supporters and Rue de Plaisance crew. Virassamy will also be doing a live drawing during the event and people will come, hopefully drink a nice cocktail, smoke good weed, see the exhibition of drawings and of course we will have awesome musical performances to. I want our visitors to leave happy and peaceful.

And show wise? Where can we see you play? The One Illusions party looks amazing?
Yes I’m really happy that my friends invited me to play this one. I’m proud to be part of it because I have heard only good things about the party in the past. It’s also a big pleasure to share the decks with some great artists and friends.

Release wise you have two huge releases, tell us about those?
We have a lot of music in the pipeline, some more of a working progress, the last EP by Alan Doe is working well and our upcoming EP by Skipson will hit the stores in July. Expect great house vibes from the guy.

You’re also giving away a free track Forbidden Love, explain the meaning and inspiration? Sounds very deep and personal?
I started this track alone with just a few vocals from my friend Jaw from dOP. After couples hours of work on it I decided to take it to my friend’s studio to make it sound more promising. We finally worked more on the track with my friend Gaffy and finished it together. Jaw came back a few times to record new vocals. It’s a slow emotional track, in terms of the club standards however. We have recorded all the sounds for it, which make it warm and summery.

Words: Jasper Price

For more info on the One Illusion party, where you can catch Varoslav in action, follow this link here.

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