Every year Spain’s FACT present a series of pool parties during the Off Week in Barcelona, which are always an essential stop off for anyone roaming around town looking for something fun to do. In fact, we’d place the FACT pool parties in our top three things to do during Off Week, they’re that good.

This year is no exception of course and, to mark FACT’s fifth anniversary, a fifth date has been added to another musical marathon around the pool, for which over 70 acclaimed artists will perform with an incredible sound system equipped to ensure the best sound and outdoor experience over the two stages.

The list of names is incredible and we really can’t wait to get stuck into their events. We’re not usually ones to wish the time away, but FACT’s pool parties have most definitely got us looking beyond this weekend and to Barcelona in just over a month’s time!

For more info on all the line-ups, follow the links below.

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