FEDELE returns to his label Obscura with the outstanding “Depth Of Being” album that marks an exhilarating evolution of his sound, and is his first solo album since departing from Agents Of Time three years ago. The “Depth Of Being” EP features 11 standout tracks poised to make a global impact.

FEDELE has made a significant mark on his solo path, remixing Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy The Silence,” which became a global hit and gained massive support from other artists. He has also released tracks on Ellum Audio, Tiga’s Turbo Recordings, Mind Against’s HABITAT, along with various remixes for artists like Diplo, Stephan Bodzin, Mattia Trani, and more.

This superb new album is a mix of stylish progression from the signature sound Fedele is known for while also diving more into the experimental world using vocals, breaks, snappy tech to enthralling and emotive melodic worlds.

The album opens with “Departure”, a gorgeously downtempo synthscape with gentle beats then takes in “There’s Only One ft. Mickael Karkousse” which layers up snappy hits and languid bass with dark and twisted vocals and an incredible music video to go with the track! Watch below:

The hit “Your Eyes” features a fast-paced and smooth rhythm accompanied by rich melodies and vocoder vocals that evoke a futuristic soulful vibe, while “Waiting For The Night ft. Lvdovica” is filled with sleek cosmic arpeggios and alluring vocals that bring it to life.

“Beyond Borders” layers up hypnotic and progressive chord sequences with well designed grooves, “Tangent” is a punchy and techno leaning cut for the peak time with fantastically fizzing synth textures and “Depth Of Our Love” locks you into a deep rolling groove followed by a flawless outro that leaves you craving for more.

This is a bold and masterful album from this essential underground innovator.


1) Departure [Intro]
2) There’s Only One feat. Mickael Karkousse
3) Your Eyes
4) Waiting For The Night feat. Lvdovica
5) Endless Sequence
6) Now Or Never feat. Ria
7) Beyond Borders
8) Riot Braindance
9) Tangent
10) Depth Of Our Love (Theme For Rommy)
11) Tension Builder (Beatless Version) [Outro]