In a period that can only be described as destitute in London clubbing, where it seems that club closures and gentrification are becoming the norm, quality dance music visionary Four Tet proposed the unthinkable today: to turn the neglected Trocadero into the capital’s own Berghain.

Four Tet made the comments on his Twitter, where in a string of tweets he regretted the state of London clubs that are having to close up more and more for all the wrong reasons. He continued to introduce the notion, not unjustly, that London deserves its own Berghain – with the hours but with the small difference that he’d “let anyone in” to “bubble to ukg or play jazz or whatever… london vibe“. He continued by creating a hashtag for people to join his cause on social media. Below is the entire series of tweets he posted just this afternoon:

The Trocadero, situated near Leicester Square, was once the city’s premier entertainment hub, hosting attractions like SegaWorld and Alien War, but has been closed after falling in disrepair along the years.

Lets see if the coming weeks will prove there is enough will (and money) here that is able to back Four Tet’s bold yet tremendous idea.

Source: FACT