As technology plays so prominently in the construct of the album, as  well as your own interests, what are some pieces of production gear you utilised on the album?
What is a piece of gear you can’t live without when on the road? I’ve always been really into the Korg M1 and have used it in most of my productions to this day. Admittedly mostly just the presets though. On this record I really took time out to try and master the editing process of this incredibly deep machine and use it in ways I haven’t before and it was all pretty exciting. My mates think I’m crazy for using it still! I can’t help it I’m in love. The one piece of gear I can’t live without on the road would have to be my laptop of course. I spend most of my time using it anyway I’d be lost without it, I take it everywhere with me.

‘Human Interface’ is released under Crosstown Rebels. How does the  label coincide with your own vision as a musician and artist?
Crosstown has always been a favourite label of mine. Damian is a visionary and always likes to keep people guessing but takes incredible care of the label image. I think it’s a very personal label that you really have to buy into mind, body and soul because all if the artists care so much about what they are doing. It isn’t just a bunch of tech-house bangers being pushed out every week (not that there is anything wrong with that of course!)  I feel there is an adventurous spirit within the label so far that resonates with me. Doing the unexpected and pushing the boat out a bit further. 

What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of getting the album  completed? Was there any aspect of its production you had anticipated  as being difficult yet turned out to not be?
The whole thing was a trip really. I’ve never done any one thing for a such a long period of time. I really feel that I’m borderline ADD most of the time. This Lp forced me to focus and the idea of patience being a virtue. It certainly was no walk in the park but I feel the lessons it’s taught me I will keep forever. I have met some incredible people along the way also and worked with people I’m really fond of creatively. The hardest thing about the process I think was knowing when it was over and working on things outside of the project. I feel now it’s done that a big chapter has just ended. I can hardly listen to it without wanting to go back in and play around a bit more. It’s under lock and key.

Who are some of your musical influences? Who are some of your non- musical influences?
Musical influences in no particular order: Sa-Ra, John Coltrane, Kerri Chandler, Maynard James Keenan,  Max B.

Non musical influences: My friends and family, Asimov, Nietzsche, Charlamagne the God

Are you optimistic about the future of technology?
Most definitely! So many exciting things to come. I hope to see a lot more invested in the development of the species as well as the care of the planet not just for profit.

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