On that same tip, what do you think, in general, makes for a quality tech-house/house music production? Who do you think really understands the nature of production these days?
Making something unique is what I believe is key to a quality tech-house production. A lot of productions are quite similar, following a pattern. I really enjoy the productions of Paul C & Paolo Martini. They are consistently making really good music!

What about your label NoExcuse? What is your approach to curating content on there?
NoExcuse is approaching its two year anniversary this year. We have achieved a lot more than what we anticipated by this time when we started. The music that makes its way onto the label is what I consider to be a big track, which I would play.

How do you see your label set against the spectrum of dance music imprints?
So far, we have been climbing the ranks within our genre at a very fast pace. In our first year, we were ranked 291 in the top 300 overall labels on Beatport. I think this sets us aside from other labels, as these achievements are not something you would expect from a label as young as ours.

How do you see the rest of 2016 shaping up? What plans do you have for the summer?
I have plenty of exciting plans in 2016. I’m looking forward to the vinyl release coming soon on Underground Audio which will be my first vinyl release. Also, a very exciting summer ahead, for example, playing at Sankeys for VIVa Warriors alongside Steve Lawler, and many more…

Where do you see yourself as a DJ/artist/dance music figure in 5 years? 10 years?
Most likely retired with a walking stick in my hand! I joke! I look forward to being a successful label owner, running nights globally and being a host to the next era of tech-house.

Emery’s remix of ‘Caleb Calloway – ‘Makin’ It’ is OUT NOW

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