Describe 3 seminal moments in Upon.You existence?
The moment when you hold your first release in your hand after launching the label is just magic. I had a very similar feeling after releasing catalogue number 100 last December. I’m very grateful for being able to have that kind of experience. Another seminal moment was the release of our first artist album last year which came from Magit Cacoon.

Most disappointing moment in Upon.You existence?
It’s always a bit frustrating when you really believe in a piece of music but the market makes its own rules.

Describe Upon.You album artwork?
Our artwork designer is Frank Graefe from Eat, Sleep + Design in Berlin. We are working with him since the very first release and are proud to collaborate with such a talented guy. Behind every single artwork is a concept, an idea and lots of handcraft. Most of his stuff is illustrated as he used to be a street artist. We just started a new series where he combines photography with street art. So good! He even won some awards with the artwork he did for us.

Best Upon.You showcase?
We had plenty of them in the past.

Worst Upon.You showcase?
Can’t remember any bad thing to be honest.

Dream Upon.You artist?
The young, fresh, very talented unknown artist that Upon.You discovers and who makes one banger after another.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
The most important business tool for me is my mail program. What would I do without it?! Long time studio fellows of mine are are Ableton Live, Wavelab and Melodyne.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
These days when you start to work in the office, then in the studio and finally you have to play that same day in a club are always long ones…

Upcoming projects?
We’re about to launch a new party series here in Berlin. It won’t be a classic label night but you can be sure that Upon You regulars will play as well. Furthermore we’re working on some “8 Years Of Upon.You” specials for this year. Stay tuned!

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01 MInor Science – Closing Acts

02 Innellea – Saladin (Marco Resmann Remix)
03 Joyce Muniz – On You
04 The Maghreban – Wonder Woman
05 Dense & Pika – Vomee
06 Darlyn Vlys feat. Forrest – Colours (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
07 Nicke, QN23 – Muck (ONNO’s Moodyman Says No Edit)
08 Kristian Heikkila – Mystik Life
09 Jimi Jules – Modulation
10 Roman Flügel – Vegeterian Leather Jackets (Marco Resmann Edit)
11 Bicep – Just
12 NGHT DRPS & David Mayer – Follow
13 Mathias Schober – The Set Of Rules (Drums ‘n’ Sequence)
14 Aaron – The Upsetter
15 Dachshund – Stones (Marco Resmann Remix)