Describe 3 seminal moments in Needwant existence?
1. I think hitting number one on Juno with the second single release was good. I’m a vinyl person and was great to see a track appeal to vinyl buyers.

2. The release of the Journeys compilation, as it was an idea and it took a lot of confidence to get that out, it was a bit out of my comfort zone. We have just released volume 2 too.

3. Getting essential new tune on Pete Tong. I remember listening at home a few years ago and was super excited, it’s those things you listen to growing up that when you get them, it means something.

Most disappointing moment in Needwant existence?
There haven’t really been too many disappointments. But when we celebrated 5 years, it felt a bit muted and we probably should have just carried on, no one really care too much about the past.

Describe Needwant album artwork?
Fresh, colourful and free.

Best Needwant showcase?
I went back to back with Lauer at Fabric that was memorable, also I think Kim Ann Foxman and Ejeca in London were great.

Worst Needwant showcase?
We never really have a bad night. If the music is good and drinks are flowing, which they always are. We always have a good time.

Dream Needwant artist?
Too many, but a dance crossover artist who can sell lots of albums would be nice. Something like Massive Attack would be the dream for me.

Most important business/music app/program/software?
I was thinking about this today and how all software programs like dropbox, soundcloud, xero are so vital to our business now. I’ve just started using Evernote and finding that really useful. I should definitely use more technology to make my life easier.

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
Wouldn’t like to think. I sometimes go to clubs to DJ and come home two days later if that counts as work! I’m kind of always working, I think you choose music as a lifestyle so you can feel in some way you’re not working. That’s why we do it.

Upcoming projects?
We’ve just released the second volume of Journeys. New remixes of Ashworth’s recent album are dropping really soon including Dorisburg and our friend Kris Davis. Also Few Nolder has a new EP. We have lots of plans over the next 12 months so I actually think this is going to be our best year.

Journeys Season 2

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01 Vincenzo – The Clearing (Reprise)
02 Melody As Truth – Flatiron
03 Omar Santis – Inward
04 Virgo Four, Jacques Bon – Machine Love (Instrumental Version)
05 VIMES – Mind (Reprise)
06 DJ Nori – Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton Remix)
07 Greg Sawyer – Caedmon
08 Seb Wildblood – Unknown
09 Demian – Lucha Libre (Original Mix)
10 Wolfram – United 707 (SB Edit)
11 Joakim – Vibramatic
12 Unknown
13 Koelle – Eternal Love
14 Chinaski – Night School (Original Mix)
15 Few Nolder – One (Karl Friedrich Remix)
16 Ernesto Ferreyra – Los Domingos Vuelo A Casa
17 Psyche – Goodbye Horses (Immortality Edit)
18 Idioma – Landscapes