Most disappointing moment in Tronic existence?
When my distributer Prime went bust. Not only did the label lose tons of money, but it was a real blow to the techno market overall.

Describe Tronic album artwork?
I use templates and change the colors for each release. It’s simple and builds branding.

Best Tronic showcase?
I do a free Tronic showcase every year during Sonar on the beach. It’s magical. Last year we had over 4000 people attend dancing on the beach.

Worst Tronic showcase?
Any event that’s not busy.

Dream Tronic artist?
An artist that blows up and stays loyal.

Most important business/music app/program/software?

Longest Day(s) ever worked?
When you love what you do it’s not that hard working long hours.

Upcoming projects?
My artist album ‘Input-Output’ was released Sept 27th. This will also come out on vinyl next week. This will follow with a 50 gig world tour in 20+ countries.

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Rob Hes – Freak – Tronic
Oscar L – Paranoid – Transmit
Layton Giordani – Rivington – Drumcode
Noir – Obscurité (Rainier Zonneveld Remix) – Noir
Drunken Kong – My Lights Shine – Terminal M
Wehbba – Flux – Tronic
Christian Smith – Explanation – Tronic
Johannes Heil – By Night Pat 3 – Odd
Eric Sneo – Out Of Step – Tronic
Anna vs Pig&Dan – Unkown – TBC
Christian Smith – Force Majeure – Drumcode
Eric Sneo – Morningsun – Tronic
Wehbba – Awkward Vacation – Tronic
Dustin Zahn – Miss You (Truncate Remix) – Drumcode
Slam – Functional – Soma
Christian Smith – Explanation – Tronic
Secret Cinema – Meng’s Theme (Christian Smith & Wehbba Remix) – GEM
Pig&Dan & Monika Kruse – Sensation – Terminal M
Macromism – Crunchy Food – Tronic
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash – R&S