Never a dull moment in London Mayor’s Sadiq Khan’s relationship with the cities robust, yet fragile, nightlife industry.

First speaking out in favor of fabric and now seeking the city’s first ever “Night Czar,” via online advert. The advert was posted on London Assembly’s website and shows Khan’s willingness to follow up on his campaign promise. At the time, Khan referenced Amsterdam’s Nachtburgemeester, citing the need for a specific position in order to effectively deal with issues of nightlife.

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In part, the advert describes the position as:

Working with the Mayor, the Night Time Commission, local authorities, businesses, the Metropolitan Police Service, Transport For London and other agencies, the Night Czar will create a vision for London as 24-hour city and a roadmap showing how the vision will be realised. The Night Czar will have proven leadership ability, public profile and convening power, plus a thorough understanding of the night time economy and the ability to work in a political environment.

To be honest, a quick peruse through the ad yields a fairly desirable position. Although a one year contract, at £35,000 annual salary for 2.5 days of work, I’m sure their will be no shortage of applications. Interviews start on September 21.