Each week we bring you a fresh new exclusive mix recorded by an artist (or artists) who we admire greatly. Brazilian-born Joyce Muniz is the latest contributor to our ever-growing collection of superb mixtapes and it’s an absolute cracker. So scroll down to the bottom of the page to download it for yourself and have a listen, you will not be disappointed!

Joyce was born in Sao Paolo and moved to Vienna as a teenager, there she discovered electronic music and started to make her own, along with friends like Stereotyp, Shanti Roots and I-Wolf. In fact, she played her first DJ gig at the age of 16 – something which is quite common nowadays, but back then would have been a rare occurence.

As time went on she carried on making beats and eventually had some music signed to one of Deep House London’s favourite labels, Exploited. Our man Shir Khan released “Party Over Here” in 2010 and DJ Mag actually named it ‘Electro single of the month’ in November of that year. She has maintained a close relationship with the label releasing more ‘housey’ music of late, though still working on lots of other projects whether it be lending her vocal talents to other producers for their music, working with hip-hop acts such as the Jungle Brothers or making her own killer tracks.

In addition to her DJing and production work, Joyce earned an Amadeus (Austrian equivalent to a Grammy) in 2012 for her vocal work with Austrian rapper Skero on the hit single “Kabininparty”, which won the “Best Song of the Year” award, as well as two other nominations.

So we’re very proud to have a multi-talented wonder such as Joyce contribute to our mixtape series.

Check it out below!

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Marcus Barnes is a renowned music journalist based in London. As well as manning the good ship Deep House London he contributes to Mixmag, The Independent, Resident Advisor, i-D and many more music outlets.

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