We spent the Easter break outside of London, and the first stop was for the Crew Love party at Sankeys in Manchester which took place on Thursday night. Here was a chance to catch Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and all of their associated family members in one place, an exciting prospect for any electronic music lover.

Sankeys can always be relied upon to provide an night that’s full of energy, antics and good music – the Manchester crowd likes a good shindig no matter what day of the week it is too, put these together with the fact that Friday was a day off work for most people and you’ve got the formula for a good night.


Kicking off the night was Soul Clap’s Charlie, along with Zev from Wolf + Lamb, who got things rolling with a smooth selection of vocal-led music, nothing too heavy, verging into RnB-esque territory at times but always classy. As they warmed up the basement, Tanner Ross worked on filling up the Spektrum room upstairs. Starting off around 115bpm, he slowly pushed the speed up and his set intensified as more people entered the room and stayed put, captivated by his funk. After Tanner, one of the crew’s younger members got to put his newly-developed live show to the test – Nick Monaco is his name and he’s got a bright future ahead of him if his live set is anything to go by. The 24-year-old rocked the Spektrum with his excellent set, singing live and playing a batch of tracks from his forthcoming album. It was a delight and set the tone for the rest of the evening, which included several live performances.


Downstairs No Regular Play did their thing, with Greg Paulus doing a brilliant turn on the trumpet – PillowTalk also treated the Sankeys faithful to a stirring live show and back in the Spektrum Navid Izadi followed on from Nick Monaco with a lively performance in his excellent head dress and similarly cosmic get up. The club was jam packed for most of the night, and the crowd predictably up for it, lapping up everything the Crew Love team served up to them. You could really sense the affection that many of their fans in the crowd have for the crew, happy faces all round and non stop dancing.

Towards the end of the night, Slow Hands took charge of the Spektrum room, lending his guitar skills to Navid’s set before continuing on his own. Back downstairs it was down to Eli from Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb’s Gadi to close the basement which they did in fine style, blending old school jams with fresh new beats seamlessly. It was a night that showed just how popular the whole gang has become, whether it be new members or the more established crew members, there was a common thread that bound them all together; good vibes and high quality music with soul, but enough energy to get everyone on the dancefloor moving and grooving.

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