Here we go with this week’s excellent mixtape entry, from Belgian lad Compuphonic. It’s a lush mix made up entirely of his own productions, so it’s a bit of a special one. Scroll down below and click play or download the mix to have a listen, we’ve really been enjoying this one!

Compuphonic aka Maxim Firket is a multifaceted producer and DJ from Liège, Belgium, who was raised on a well-balanced diet of classical music, early electronics and industrial variants from Kraftwerk to Front 242, and the revolutionary soundwave that swept over from Detroit, Michigan. Hence, Maxim not only grew up to become a skillful violoncellist, but also a producer with a unique approach, blending his various sources of inspiration into one intelligent mix of old-school electro, house and minimal stylings. So far he has released on imprints such as Dirty Dancing, Tiga’s Turbo, Get Physical and Exploited.

In fact, his latest release for Exploited is out right now. It’s called O Cypres and you can pick it up by following the link here: O Cypres.

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