Today’s mix comes from a new talent from the UK, who we’re very happy to give our support to… Introduciiiinnnng, Tommy Vercetti! The mix is pretty special and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it massively. So scroll down to the stream and have a listen, and download it too!

Tommy is currently studying Music Technology at University, and hails from the West midlands where he’s DJ’s in local cities such as Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Making music since his early teens he found garage became an source of inspiration as it was the prominent sound during that era.

Not to mention that music runs in his family with his father being a DJ, Tommy has been fortunate enough to have grown up listening to quality house, disco and soul music. Tommy has appeared on Rinse FM, with Midlands hero Tom Shorterz, and had releases on labels such as Love Not Money (one of our favourite UK labels). With years of influences and experiences behind him already, his future is looking very promising.

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