You’d never think with all the grey weather we’ve been having but summer is on the way! Woo! Despite the crappy weather there are plenty of sunshine vibes on offer in London town this weekend coming, just check out our party guide and you’ll be able to find ‘sunshine indoors’.. oh yes.


Studio Barnhus at Plastic People

Thursdays at Plastic People are pretty much an essential visit for any discerning music lovers. Tonight’s special treats will be laid on by Studio Barnhus, who will be in charge all night… which means a wide variety of music of the highest order. A worthwhile school night out!

Kornél Kovács | Petter |

May 15 | Plastic People | Huntley & Palmers |



Garden Get Together at Corsica Studios

The Garden Festival is always one of the summer highlights. Its location is top notch as it the musical programming. In anticipation of the Croatia-based event, they’re having a little get together at Corsica Studios, when we say little we mean immense! Perfect Friday night vibes.

Session Victim | Genius of Time | Quarion (live) | Mr. Beatnick | Aartekt (Flux) | Studio 89 DJs (Ben Price & Nick Bennett) |

May 16 | Corsica Studios | Garden Get Together |


Oonst VS Wall 2 Wall with Iron Curtis at Basing House

We’re suckers for a bit of Iron Curtis here at Deep House London, so this event is a no-brainer for us. The intimate setting of Basing House makes it an even more attractive prospect. See you on the dancefloor…

Iron Curtis | Wall 2 Wall | Robin | Atts |

May 16 | Basing House | Oonst VS Wall 2 Wall |



Krankbrother Day & Night Album Release Party at Studio 338

We interviewed the Krankbrother lads a few weeks ago about their forthcoming compilation, and this weekend they celebrate its release with an almighty day and night fiesta. Studio 338 will be graced by the presence of Derrick May, along with Buttrich, SDC, the Krankbrothers themselves and Jack C. Vibes!

Derrick Carter | Martin Buttrich | Space Dimension Controller | Krankbrother | Jack C |

May 17 | Studio 338 | Krankbrother |


Half Baked ‘Summer’ at Secret Location

Another week, another Half Baked extravaganza. And more of our favourite artists are on the bill, too.. Sammy Dee from Perlon, the mighty Frenchman Seuil, Robin Ordell and Rainer. Superb.

Sammy Dee | Seuil | Robin Ordell | Rainer |

May 18 | Half Baked |


Spilt Milk Opening Terrace Party at iCAN Studios

One of London’s most recognisable party brands, Spilt Milk, returns this weekend with German duo Tiefschwarz headlining what should be an awesome opening party. Summer is coming!…

Tiefschwarz | Marc Ashken | Tred Benedict | St. Bernard |

May 10 | Ican Studios | Spilt Milk |

Spilt Milk