Nicson is a Spanish producer and record label owner based in London. He runs Flumo Recordings, a favourite of us here at Deep House London, and has released with some very respectable labels so far, including the mighty Holic Trax, Upon You, My Favorite Robot and his own Flumo label of course. After remixing Luca Lozano for Tim Green’s excellent Disc Over Records he is back on the label with his own solo EP, which also features a remix from veteran producer Nail. Across three tracks Nicson displays his penchant for the more offbeat side of house music, it’s great for the clubs but maybe not as obvious or in-your-face, which is great…

“Late Night Rider” gets things going on the A-side with sparse percussion leading into the subtle hint of a bassline, more percussive elements are added giving the opening more momentum. It takes around three minutes for more sounds to creep in from the background and by the fourth minute things start to get lively with sprightly synth stabs and a series of squelches and bleeps which really add life to the track. Subtle and considered.

“New Beginning” follows in a similarly down beat mode. A smooth bassline rolls over delicate drums, while analogue stabs add a touch of urgency though the overall pace remains steady and assured. Towards the end the swathes of synth increase in intensity, but Nicson maintains a cool, breezy vibe until the end.

Digital-only track “Simply Things” is the last of the three originals. It has more presence than the previous two tracks with a strong bassline and sharp snares and claps. The track’s energy will captivate the dancefloor and the breakdown around five minutes is bound to instigate a sea of fist pumps when its unleashed.

Nottingham legend Nail brings the heat with his remix of “Simply Things”, which tops off the EP nicely with a tribal groove thumping away below jittery percussion. Dreamlike pads enter the fray as the track evolves and a sombre melody really adds to its emotional depth – it has a strong air of familiarity, but therein lies Nail’s skills as a producer.

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Cannonball EP

Nicson – “Cannonball” EP (DISC003) by Disc Over Music