Recovered from the Bank Holiday yet? No?… Well, there’s only way to deal with the post Bank Hol Blues and that’s to get back in the saddle and party some more. Like every week in London, there are lots of events to choose from but we’ve cherry-picked some of the better ones and given you a breakdown below. We should start charging for this!…


Wednesday Summer Sessions at Number 90

Down by the canal in Hackney Wick (where the east London warehouse scene is thriving right now) Number 90 has been open for business for a little while now. Owned by the Half Baked gang it’s the perfect location for a summer shindig or two, and that’s exactly what they’ve got planned. It all kicks off this Wednesday, with bi-monthly parties throughout the summer months.

Rudolph | Lamache | Greg Brockmann |

May 7 | Number 90 | Wednesday Summer Sessions |



Flight Facilities Live at Heaven

One of the Deep House London team’s favourite acts, Flight Facilities do that electronic disco thing with panache so their appearance at Heaven this Thursday is an essential destination for us and everyone else!

May 8 | Heaven | Flight Facilities |



Toi.Toi Intimate Session

Always coming correct with stellar line-ups, amazing venues and a crowd of discerning electronic music lovers, Toi.Toi are universally respected for obvious reasons. This Friday they get all intimate with us, booking a classy collection of DJs for an event that promises to be one of the week’s highlights.

Vincent Lemieux | Nicolas Lutz | Lamache | Voigtmann |

May 9 | Toi.Toi



Troupe Summer Series Outdoor Day & Night Block Party

Troupe go for the big one this weekend with an epic day and night event that should be great. Art Department will be bringing the ruckus, along with Gerd, Josh Butler, Jordan Peak and many more. Fingers crossed the weather stays on point for this one.

Art Department | Gerd | Josh Butler | Maribou State | Jordan Peak | Pedestrian + many more |

May 10 | Troupe |


Tender Hooks at Corsica Studios

Here’s one to get the real DJ heads salivating, Zip, Sprinkles and Patrice Scott all playing three hours each under one roof! There isn’t much more you can ask from a party. Be there!

Zip | DJ Sprinkles | Patrice Scott

May 3 | Corsica Studios Tender Hooks |


Entity: The Launch at The Hoxton Basement

Entity is a new party outfit putting on their debut event this Saturday. The line-up is a killer, the music should be great and the venue (Hoxton Basement) isn’t too shabby either. Let’s just hope the Entity guys have put in all the necessary pre-party work to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible. All the signs are good, so we’d recommend this one!

Alex Arnout | Chris Lattner | Monika Ross |

May 10 | Hoxton Basement | Entity |