After their last pre-single release, “Egos,“ the wait is finally over, and GHEIST gives us their LP Zukunft on the 19th of November via their own imprint Radau Music. Zukunft is German for future, and as the Berlin-based trio claims, it is something they’re looking forward to with a collective optimism.

This LP takes us on a journey of 11 songs, of which a few have already been released throughout the last six months, to draw us slowly but surely into their own world of emotional, colorful, diverse, and delicately crafted electronic music. The overall tone of “Zukunft“ appears to be a melancholic optimism, rich in meaning, with refreshing honesty and attitude.

Taking on the challenge of an entire album this early in their career shows once more the passion and craftsmanship GHEIST possesses and gives an exciting glimpse into their future.

With songs composed on a piano and translated into detailed and ambitious electronic music productions, the trio aims for an exciting club music experience and offers the opportunity to listen to their music at home.  While overcoming the last 18 months, GHEIST allowed themselves to reinvent their perspective on music creation and, the result stands for itself. Relying on their values, such as breakbeats, beautifully crafted synthesizers, and exciting vocals, the band also reveals their skillset through diverse arrangements and truthful lyrics, which grant a deeper look into their personal perspectives.

Creating Zukunft was a very intense and rewarding phase, which marks a new area in our musical and personal life’s. We’re filled with joy and pride, knowing we’ve never been alone throughout this entire, very fragile process, and we are thrilled and excited to finally reward the trust that has been given to us.“ – GHEIST

Their long affinity with songwriting and composition has defined their process of crafting powerful electronic music; each song is a story, a feeling, or a moment lived through by the trio. Now, as clubs, festivals, and events return, GHEIST is excited to share its work with the world one more time.

GHEIST’s ‘Zukunft’ LP will be available 19th November via Radau Music.

GHEIST’s album title ‘Zukunft’ translates from German as ‘Future’, one which the trio continue to look towards with collective optimism. Their long affinity with song writing and composition has defined their process of crafting powerful electronic music; each song a story, a feeling or a moment that has been experienced by all. Now as clubs, festivals and events return, GHEIST are excited to be able to share their work with the world once again

A2]We Are Not Alone
A3]Home Again
A7] Higher Ground
A8]Unfinished Sympathy
A10]Dancing With Demons
A11]Shooy Your Lies
Release Date: 19-11-2021 // Buy here