With releases that lie somewhere between deep, melodic house and head-spinning techno, Lost On You have captivated minds and dancefloors across the continent with their unique brand of philanthropic clubbing.

The homegrown Parisian label donates 100% of their sales to help improve sanitary and health conditions in the poorest parts of Earth. It is money that money doesn’t line corporate pockets, but provides vital aid to those in the most need of it, and all through the power of music.

Now, for their latest release, Mattia Pompeo hops on the Lost On You train with a kaleidoscopic journey through ear pops and acid drops, “Yondu”. Off the EP, we premiere the battle cry of ‘Ueno’; an acid machine that rocks and sways in the half-light of evening.

“Yondu” is available 2 July on Lost on You Music

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