FINA Records have set themselves on a distinctive way of sound. Their sound takes many shapes and sizes, either if it’s techy grooves, disco or that old house sounds.  To this date they are one of the few labels that preserve the sanctity of old vinyl as well as the modern digital format. Ran by Simon Morell, Matt Long and none other than the 2020 Vision label owner Ralph Lawson, it’s certain that FINA is looking to push and innovate that long-standing house sound. Artists like Rick Wade, MAM,  Elphino & Tom Taylor have chipped in since 2011 when the label first broke into the scene.

Their 15th release marks the appearance of the Romanian born Borrowed Identity onto the label. With upright releases since 2011 on well rooted labels such as Pets Recordings, Supplement Facts and recently Get Physical Music, the German based producer is striving and catching the eyes of the electronic dance music. His stance for house is just what FINA is all about, that blend of Chicago House and Disco. His latest work entitled “Bang Bang Boogie” is a 4-tracker that will not only see the inside of a hard-drive but also the inside of a record store.

As a title track, “Bang Bang Boogie” instantly hits the Chicago-House note. The “Heartbreak” vocals shift the track onto the border between house and soul while an analogy of piano cords and fine cut bass tempos bring to the table that much needed swing ever-present in most of the house classics.  The second track of the A side is “Mental State”. It’s a much more acidic, bass-driven house track. It conveys in simplicity with open-high hats, snares and cowbells up to the breakdown. The track is fused with the infectious sax sound which transforms the track into a spring herald.

The flip shows compound variations of sounds that influence the artist. “Roboto Moves” is a dubbed out track that takes a mystical form due to the airy strings and robotic samples while the final track “You’re Mine” is simply disco. As we are used to, soulful vocals are felt since the beginning as they wrap around spanking disco bass cords and a guitar funk. It is a great way to set the listener out the door and preserve the all-around vibe of the EP.

Bang Bang Boogie is a showcase of how profound Borrowed Identity’s skills are as a producer and his influences. It’s a delight to see someone approach so many genres in such a compact format and still bang that retro vibe.

Text: Vlad Hatze

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1. Bang Bang Boogie (Original Mix)

2. Mental State (Original Mix)

3. Roboto Moves

4. You’re Mine