Here’s a powerful reunion between two men who know their way around a big bassline. Justin Martin never fails to unleash the kind of music that sends tremors rippling around the world, rattling your grandma’s false teeth with their devastating low frequencies. Likewise Eats Everything is a man whose studio sessions often produce the kind of bass that would send a Grand Canyon sized split down the San Andreas Fault. So together, they are an unstoppable force of nature.

Hello Mr Jello is a follow-up to last year’s The Gettup EP and is once again being released by Claude VonStroke’s mighty dirtybird label. Justin and Eats are bonafide members of the dirtybird crew, so it was only a matter of time before they got together to repeat the explosive formula that produced that first EP in 2013.

Hello Mr Jello is a simple two-tracker, which further explores their penchant for the heftier side of house, with an offbeat finish. First up is “Steven Jello“, which opens gradually and tentatively, slowly building up for over a minute with an enticing muted buzzsaw synth line which unfurls to support an exhilarating first drop. Unsurprisingly it’s supported by earth-shattering bass, crisp percussion and a few neat little tricks here and there to keep you on your toes – a familiar vocal creeps in to give the track a human element and it progresses to the next stage with an uplifting, squeeky synth melody that transports you back to the eighties. Wait for the breakdown around 4 minutes 20… Great fun.

Meanwhile on the flip “Kong” is a more considered, dare we say leftfield, affair trundling along with a chunky b-line, a rusty, organ-esque melody and retro beats. A collection of sound effects including planes whizzing by and a dog/monkey (?!) giving it a ‘WOO!” repetitively. It’s offbeat, yet accessible and the kind of track that only these two could put together.

One to make your booty go ‘clap’, whether you’re male or female… or anything in between. WOO!

Text: Marcus Barnes

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1. Steven Jello

2. King Kong