Hailed as one of America’s legendary music makers, Jovonn has a long history with production which dates back to the nineties. He’s a man who has inspired many with his journeys into house music, with classics coming thick and fast throughout the nineties – he even reached the Billboard top 10 in 1990 with one of his earliest releases, Turn & Runaway on Warner Bros. no less. His latest release has been snapped up by the French trio know as Apollonia and it’s a lesson in how house music should sound in its purest form.

Jovonn’s musical talents and focus on expressing what’s deep in his soul have led to dalliances with hip-hop, RnB and neo soul as well as house. His music is lauded by many of those who have grown up on it, and the Apollonia team (Dyed Soundorom, Dan Ghenacia and Shonky) are among his global fan club. So it’s quite a coup for them to be able to sign and release some of his new music.

It’s a three tracker, with two versions of the main track plus another single. Kicking off with “Trippin (Body N Deep Vox Mix“, which was heard on several occasions during Miami’s WMC recently, the EP epitomises that groovy, soulful house that Apollonia have become synonymous with. “Trippin” features Jovonn’s sleazy vocals talking about ‘taking something at the club tonight’ – we’re not sure what he’s talking about but it sounds like he’s having a good time. Female vocals whisper, ‘trip pin’ in the background, the baseline pumps along with a persistent groove, organ keys add an old-school feel but it’s not one of these throwback tracks that tries to replicate the nineties. It’s Jovonn doing what he does best and sticking to that original sound.

The March” is a deeper affair with a mournful baseline, super crisp beats and a minimal yet effective composition. There’s not a huge amount of variation from the start to the finish but it works and will slot into a deep house set perfectly. Finally, Jovonn gives us a dub mix of “Trippin” which  strips away his vocals leaving just the hushed female to do its work.


Text: Marcus Barnes

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